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Weekly Life Insurance News Roundup

December 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Editor in News - (Comments Off on Weekly Life Insurance News Roundup)

Asteron rejects APES 230 standards
Life insurer believes new standards unfair to advisers linked to accounting firms. Insurance provider Asteron Life believes proposed new professional standards will negatively affect advisers linked to accounting firms.

Doors set to close on self-insurance
As do-it-yourself super strategies go, self- insurance is a topic that attracts more talk than action. While it is possible for a DIY fund to finance life and disability insurance for its members by setting fund earnings aside in a special reserve account, in reality, the challenges involved invariably prove to be too complicated for those who consider it.

New regs could devastate adviser incomes
The APES 230 standard for provision of financial planning services by accountants could have serious implications for adviser incomes. According to Asteron Life, the new regulations will negatively impact financial advisers who have links to accounting firms by increasing advice fees and reducing the affordability of advice.