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OnePath Life Insurance

OnePath Life Insurance previously known as ING and Mercantile Mutual was established more than 130 years ago. OnePath Life Insurance is owned by the Australian and New Zealand banking group (ANZ).

Licensed to operate as ING until 2010, all policies acquired after this date were under the OnePath Life Insurance banner.

OnePath has a reputation as one leading players in the life insurance market.

OnePath Life Insurance offers a number of different insurance cover products, including:
– Income Protection Insurance – The Income Secure Cover policy pays a benefit to the insured should they be unable to work due to illness or injury.
– TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) Insurance – TPD Cover pays out a sum to the insured should they be unlikely to return to work ever again due to injury or illness.
– Trauma Insurance – The Trauma Cover pays a lump sum if the insured suffer a critical illness as per the insurer’s product disclosure statement.
– Life Cover – pays a lump sum if the insured suffers a terminal illness of death generally by any cause

OnePath Life Insurance offers a relatively simple application process with minimal if any medical tests and allows clients to many options in relation to waiting periods, benefit periods, premium type and how often they would like to pay for it.

Access for their products including Term Life, TPD, Income Protection and Trauma Insurance can be done online or through a qualified Life Insurance Adviser.

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