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Macquarie Life Insurance

Macquarie Life Insurance is an arm of the Macquarie Banking Group, they were formed in 1990 and are well known for the development of innovative and outstanding insurance products.

Macquarie Life Insurance offers an online option for their customers who can gain access to their Super Wise suite or alternatively they can contact an Insurance adviser for more specialised advice.

Macquarie Life Insurance offer the following products
– Term Life Insurance
– Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
– Income Protection Insurance
– Trauma Insurance
– Child Trauma Insurance

In recent years Macquarie Life has been recognised for their market first online underwriting engine and their Macquarie Sumo product suitable for wealthier clients.

Macquarie Life Insurance has an efficient and streamlined application process with a focus on completion in a timely manner.

In brief they are a newer player in the Australian insurance market, but their contribution to the industry in terms of quality and innovation have made them a name to trust.

Macquarie Life was awarded a five star rating in the Beaton Benchmarks, Life Insurance Advisers study for the third successive year in 2010.

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